Damon Gibson – It’s Time to Commit to a Healthier Lifestyle

Making the decision to change and transform your lifestyle can be a very daunting task. People often say “I wish I was healthier,” “I wish I was stronger,” “I hate my body,” “I wish I looked like that,” but rarely are these comments ever followed by consistent action to make a change. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of disliking something about yourself, wanting to make a change, and then quitting or never following through. Being stuck in that vicious cycle will only lead to amplified insecurities, unhealthy habits, and zero progress. That’s why, when deciding to make a lifestyle change, it is absolutely crucial to be 110% committed. 

One of our #NHQtown Consultants, Damon, is a great example of that 110% commitment. When first meeting Damon, most people probably won’t have any idea that he himself has had quite the transformation. However, at one point in his life, Damon did not hold his physical fitness, nutrition, and overall health to the same degree of importance as he does today. Damon, at the age of 18, made the life changing decision to transform himself and his lifestyle, and he never looked back. Damon pursued his goals with a certain ferocity and tenacity that brought him outstanding results. 

So, how did he do it? We asked Damon a few questions about his transformative fitness and health journey.

Q: When did you begin your fitness/health journey? What pushed you to start?

A: My fitness journey started my freshman year of college. I had always lifted weights for high school sports, but my freshman year is when I took body image and a healthier lifestyle into consideration. What really pushed me to start was after having knee surgery, I wanted to be bigger, stronger, faster, and to look and physically feel better.

Q: How do you stay motivated? 

A: Seeing changes happen physically! I was just like others, embarrassed about taking “before” pictures, but once I started seeing changes from where I started, I wanted to keep going. Another HUGE motivation was surrounding myself with like minded people who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and who kept me motivated. 

Q: What are your holy grail products that helped you along the way?

A: The basics — protein, pre-workout, and occasional BCAAs. Protein helped me keep up with my protein goals for the day while also helping with my sweet tooth. Pre-workout gave me the extra drive in the gym to keep going throughout my whole workout. BCAAs of course help with hydration and soreness, but also helped with some of my sweet drink cravings.

Q:What are some of your favorite workouts to do?

A: My favorite workouts always change. A few of my favorites are: Incline Dumbbell bench, Hack Squat, and Bent over rows.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is wanting to start or further their fitness/health journey?

A: Set goals, achieve them, then set more goals.

Damon knows firsthand what it is like to completely change your lifestyle and mentality in pursuit of fitness and health goals, which makes him the perfect person to help and assist anyone who comes into the store on a similar journey. Making that decision to finally commit to changing and transforming your lifestyle can be a daunting decision, and maybe even a hard decision to make. However, it’s one of the best things that you can do for yourself. No more excuses. No more hating your body. No more feeling sick and bogged down because of improper nutrition. The best time to make a change is RIGHT NOW.  With drive, consistency, and 110% commitment…incredible changes are bound to happen.

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