C-Bum Essential Pump Rtd 12ct


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* Juicy muscle pumps

* Easy and convenient ready to drink formula

* Boost power output by improving oxygen utilization

Increase mental alertness and focus with ZERO stimulants

Greater muscle fullness and density


Increase capacity to perform anaerobic work… boost power output by improving oxygen utilization… decrease muscle soreness following intense exercise… work at a higher intensity for longer durations… greater muscle fullness and density… increase mental alertness and focus with ZERO stimulants…

Who doesn’t love a juicy pump in the gym… your arms are swelling up like balloons being inflated, your shoulders start to look like massive boulders popping out, veins are going everywhere, your back feels like you’re toting around a massive turtleshell, and your legs feel so swollen, you feel as though you could stomp right through the floor, and even the joyous pain that comes along with a massive pump!

C-BUM Essential Pump contains a very straightforward and simple formula, built with only heavily studied and necessary ingredients to achieve a “JUICY” pump and boost performance with ZERO stimulants. Raw has clinically dosed every ingredient in this simple, yet robust formula to provide maximal N.O. (nitric oxide) production and blood flow to the working muscles, as well as increasing intracellular water retention for what is called “water-based” pumps. These pumps provide an astronomical full muscle feeling, while helping boost power and force output.

On top of the incredible formula, C-BUM Esssential Pump comes in a ready-to-drink bottle making it just as convenient as it is potent!

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