Angie Serandos – Transformation & NPC Figure Competition

July 20, 2021

On May 8th, 2020, #NHQtown Ambassador, Angie Serandos, competed in her first NPC Figure Competition. Angie is easily one of the most dedicated and passionate people that we know, and her commitment to training for her first show was absolutely outstanding. While prepping for her show, Angie completely transformed her physique. However, Angie’s transformation began…

Josh Lawless – Healthy Lifestyle – Fitness Goals

July 20, 2021

Many of our #NHQtown Affiliates, Ambassadors, and Athletes have incredible stories of how fitness and nutrition have completely changed and transformed their bodies, mental health, and lives. Ambassador, Josh Lawless, is no exception. Josh became a #NHQtown Affiliate in September 2020, later being promoted to Ambassador in December 2020. However, Josh’s journey began many years…

Damon Gibson – It’s Time to Commit to a Healthier Lifestyle

July 20, 2021

Making the decision to change and transform your lifestyle can be a very daunting task. People often say “I wish I was healthier,” “I wish I was stronger,” “I hate my body,” “I wish I looked like that,” but rarely are these comments ever followed by consistent action to make a change. It’s easy to…