Black Leopard – HydroJug Shker


  • 24 oz: holds up to 24 oz and cupholder compatible.
  • Pro Lid: compatible with other HydroJug bottles.
  • Tumbler Lid: leakproof when straw is not inserted.
  • Straw: BPA Free and compatible with Tumbler Lid.
  • SHKR Grate: easily removed and perfect for mixing supplements and infusing water.
  • Double Walled: no sweat when your drinks are cold.
  • Triple Layer Insulated: (Stainless only) including a copper layer to keep your drinks cold all day.


One bottle for all of your needs.
The HydroSHKR holds 24 oz and is [double walled (SHKR and Studded SHKR) or triple layer insulated (stainless)] for insulation and durability. It comes with a Pro Lid and a SHKR grate to easily mix protein or pre-workout, as well as a tumbler lid and a straw so you can drink in a different way. The Hydro SHKR is cup holder compatible, has a silicone base, and is BPA Free.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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