• 880 Calories per serving!
  • High quality carbohydrate, protein, and fat sources.
  • Added Velositol® to maximize muscle protein synthesis.
  • Maltodextrin free


When someone claims, “This stands as the finest weight-gain product available,” what characteristics spring to mind? Do you think of attributes such as a rich source of complete proteins, an excellent carbohydrate provider, and healthy fats? It may seem straightforward, but how many weight gain products genuinely meet these criteria?

Enter Core GROW – it unequivocally stands as the most comprehensive and healthiest weight-gain product available, featuring the utmost quality ingredients. There are no trendy “new carbohydrate” innovations in GROW; it consists solely of a carb blend derived from whole foods you’re likely already consuming. Think of a staple carbohydrate source for fitness, and you’ll probably say oats, just like us. That’s why oatmeal flour serves as the foundation of our carbohydrate blend, alongside sweet potato flour and natural cane sugar.

Looking for complete proteins? How about cold-processed, undenatured whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate? You’ll be consuming top-tier proteins without having to endure an unpleasant texture.

As for healthy fats, consider coconut oil powder, a nutritional powerhouse and an exceptional source of healthy fats.

But that’s not all; we’ve included a top-tier enzyme blend to aid in digestion. Moreover, nearly every ingredient in our formula boasts a vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient profile that would impress even the most discerning dietitian.

To ensure you’re truly making high-quality gains with this weight-gain product, we’ve added patented Velositol® to the formula, maximizing muscle protein synthesis and reaping the full benefits of these exceptional ingredients.

We understand that your journey toward growth and gains should seamlessly integrate into your life, not disrupt it. Core GROW is a weight-gain solution designed with the awareness that people using it still lead active lives, maintain their dietary preferences, and need a weight-gain product that complements their lifestyle. We declared this as the best weight-gain product on the market, and we stand by that claim. Now all you have to do is try some GROW for yourself and see the results firsthand.

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