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  • Dry Compound
  • Stimulates Lean Muscle Growth
  • Helps Accelerate Fat Loss
  • Great for Hardening and Cutting


The mother of all Compounds has arrived.

The density and overall “Quality” of tissue that one will obtain by the use of Epishred is highly regarded because most of the tissue will be retained after cycles were complete.

The base compound in Epishred BDS is a 19-Nor, which in the correct doses will help with mass, bulking, strength and recovery from injuries.

“EpiShred BDS,” has positive and beneficial effects on tendons, ligaments and bone tissue allowing for healing and injury prevention when lifting heavier weights.

Users of this compound notice not just muscle growth but a different “Quality of MuscleTissue.” Existing tissue seems to harden up and create a dense and striated look whileincreasing vascularity.

The maximum length of a cycle while on EpiShred BDS should be limited to 12 weeksfollowed by at least 8 weeks completely off all compounds except PCT

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