Immunity Greens



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  • Comprehensive Vitality and Wellness: IMMUNITY GREENS features full spectrum and clinical doses of essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, postbiotics, and digestive enzymes. These components promote overall health, boost immunity, and ensure normal bodily function.
  • Enhanced Digestive and Immune Support: With a powerful blend of TruServ® (2000mg), EpiCor® (500mg), Phyto-C™ (150mg), Eldermune™ (100mg), Digestive Enzymes (100mg), and Probiotics (5 Billion CFU), IMMUNITY GREENS optimizes nutrient breakdown, absorption, and immune system function.
  • Irresistible Flavor Variety: Available in four innovative and delicious flavors, you’ll eagerly embrace your greens intake. Say goodbye to the typical greens supplement experience!

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